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Josh Norris

Josh started where most brewers start… as a home brewer.  Growing up in Ohio there was very little in the way of craft beer selection.  Undeterred, Josh decided to start making his own.  After learning the basics through kits, he decided to start developing his own recipes.  People really liked Josh’s recipes.  Having managerial experience and having always wanted to own his own business, the idea of a brewery seemed like an interesting one.  Josh graduated from engineering school and moved to Connecticut for work.  Connecticut proved to have a much greater offering of craft beer, including local breweries.  Josh became one of the founding members of The Fermenters of Central Connecticut (FOCCT), a home brewer’s club based out of Brew and Wine Hobby in East Hartford.  The stars seemed to keep aligning themselves in ways that encouraged the idea of a brewery.  After four years of planning, the brewery is finally starting to become a reality.

Allison Norris

Allison was not a beer lover. Her refined palate did not enjoy the cheaper, over produced, beers that she had been exposed to in the past.  Allison was introduced to craft beers while dating Josh in college. She found that craft beer suited her quite nicely.  Allison started to help Josh brew and her love of craft beer continued to grow.  Allison’s female point of view and refined palate gives her the unique ability to pinpoint subtleties in craft beer that can make or break a recipe, creating a beer that even non-beer drinkers will enjoy.  Allison has a background in graphic and mechanical design which has and will continue to be a great asset.

Daryl Adamaitis

Daryl started as a home brewer around ten years ago.  He was a successful auto-mechanic when he was offered a job at a local brew pub, City Steam.  As brewing was something he enjoyed, he jumped at the offer.  Daryl did not start as a brewer, but instead worked his way through every other position, bouncer, host and bartender.  Finally, he was offered a position as a brewer. The brew master took Daryl under his wing and taught him the trade.  Daryl excelled as a commercial brewer.  He even had a hand in the design of a couple of their more popular recipes.  Daryl has and will continue to be a valuable resource for Witchdoctor.